In the Harvest

The harvest is plentiful!

1:00 p.m. Friday &

9:00 a.m. Saturday

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In the Harvest is an intentional effort to reach out with the message of Jesus to a broken world that desperately needs him. The strategy is simple: Seek people who are open to hearing the message of Jesus and share it with them. So each week we gather for a word of prayer and quick reflection on the Scriptures.

Next we head into the community offering to pray for people and then offering to share the Gospel. The Gospel sharing tool we us is called the 3 Circles.

We are not trying to deceive people or trick them into hearing or believing. We simply go looking for those whom God has prepared.

In the Harvest is just one aspect of our efforts to make disciples in the communities around us. Those who are interested in hearing more are revisited with Biblical teaching which continues to point them to Christ. Those who trust Jesus are invited into a Bible study focusing on the basics of being a disciple.