2023 Bible Reading Plan

It’s not too late to start!

Reading the Bible through in a year is a goal for many, but can be a significant challenge to accomplish. We would like to help you successfully “stay on course” with a Bible reading program in 2023.  The schedule is set up so that you only read five times a week, which allows time for catching up, taking a day off, or reading other parts of the Bible to prepare for a Bible study.  We would like to help you keep this resolution.  Each week we will share the Bible reading schedule in the bulletin and on our Facebook page.  You can also sign up to receive a weekly reading plan reminder sent to you via email.  Please send an email to marcietenk@hotmail.com to be added to the email list.


2023 Bible in a Year Reading Schedule:
2023 Bible in a Year Reading Schedule:

Week 49 (December 3 to 9)
Esther 7-10; Revelation 3
Ezra 7-10; Psalm 97; Revelation 4
Nehemiah 1-3; Revelation 5
Nehemiah 4-6; Psalm 98; Revelation 6
Nehemiah 7-9; Psalm 140; Revelation 7

7 Reasons to Read The Bible

This is an article from 2015, but it holds some unchanging truth – 7 Reasons to Ready The Bible. (It’s actually part of a series of posts that you might want to also read – they are linked in the article).

Our Reading Plan Checklist

The Reading Plan that we use includes daily readings from the Old and New Testament with a few Psalms each week.

The checklist can be found here 5-Day Bible Reading Program.

This particular plan is not the only way to read through the Bible. The Bible Reading Plan that works for you is the one that you will actually follow, having you regularly reading the Word.

Other Reading Plans

Here are 2 lists of plans that include various options from reading the Bible in its entirety in 90 days (about 45 minutes/day of reading) to reading just the New Testament in a year for a more in depth study.

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