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Our “About Us” page starts with Jesus because He is the centre of SBC, our Lord and Master. Christianity is about Christ. Our society embraces a pluralism of opinions, all equally accepted as truth, but we believe that Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. He’s the only One who can restore our relationship to the Father, the God of the Universe (John 14:6).

This defines who we are at SBC. We follow Jesus Christ (sometimes poorly, we’re flawed human beings) because He is the One and Only Son of God, sent from Heaven to reveal the Father to us (John 1:14, 18).

We're Glad You Found Us

Around the world there are millions of people who have trusted in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as the way to eternal life. SBC is a part of that community; followers of Christ who, together as a family, are seeking to worship, love, and learn from the God who made us.

Our History

Peace, direction, a sense of purpose, answers to life’s big questions . . .

In a world that is characterized by change and instability, people everywhere are looking for the bedrock on which to building meaningful lives. We believe, as does the church, wherever it is found in the world, that that Rock is Jesus Christ.

So at Springfield Baptist Church, we are committed to helping people find Jesus Christ. We want to see people build lives that have the meaning, purpose, and peace that is found only in God through His Son Jesus Christ. Springfield Baptist Church has worshipped together and ministered together through the decades to that end. And it has sought, as a spiritual community, to bring that same meaning, purpose, and peace to the community it is a part of, through Jesus Christ.

Let us tell you a little about our church family.

Where We Come From

As a church, we have had the privilege of being a part of this community for over 100 years now.

In 1886, Uncle Benezi Brown, a resident of nearby Brownsville, had a burden for the spiritual needs of the Springfield community.  He and his nephew, George Brinton Brown, asked for and received permission from the Springfield Fair Board to hold meetings in the Horticulture Hall (which was beside the present day school) beginning November 1886.

In short time, five of those who attended the meetings became followers of Jesus Christ.  They, along with fifteen other attendees who had been traveling outside of Springfield to attend church, decided on February 13, 1887, to form Springfield Baptist. Thus, on March 8, 1887, delegates from Aylmer and other nearby towns and cities came together to recognize the new church.

In time, the young congregation would build its own building (1893).  It would see more families and individuals added, it would see pastors come and go.  Through World War 1, the Depression, World War 2 and into more modern times, it has continued its ministry in the life of this community, providing spiritual care and a place of worship.

What Are We Doing?

At Springfield Baptist Church, we seek to actively honour God and minister to the needs of people at all stages of their lives in a growing, vibrant spiritual community.

To this end, we strive to worship God in ways that are meaningful.  So we work toward excellence in music, relevance in the preaching of God’s Word, and teaching that has a positive impact for life.  We offer parenting seminars that teach moms and dads how to build vibrant, close knit families.  Women’s groups, a monthly men’s breakfast, weekly youth activities, opportunities to visit or aid those who are dealing with struggles, counseling for those facing personal difficulties, and ongoing, informal opportunities to fellowship . . . all of these are a part of the life of our church.

Furthermore, we see our responsibility and opportunities to minister as extending well outside of Elgin County, or even Canada.  To this end, we seek to have an impact for good internationally.  We aid in relief efforts.  Adult and young people have been and continue to be involved in service and short-term missions projects in various locales.  Some of our members have even committed themselves to lifetimes of ministry in needy locales.

We would like to invite you, if you are not already part of a church family, to come and find out what we are all about.  You are welcome at Springfield Baptist Church!

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